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Choppy waters ahead? What could be impacting your business?

The business world has never been more uncertain. Understanding the structural themes that may impact your business in the future and what you can do to survive is vital.

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Appearing on the Authentic Achievements Podcast

Podcast conversation hosted by Kim-Adele Randall, founder and host of the Authentic Achievements Podcast. Covering my career journey and why I decided to make a change and start my own business.

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Appearing on the The Confidence Conversation Podcast

Helen's conversation with Joy Burnford, host of The Confidence Conversation Podcast. Covering managing emotions in the workplace and how your wellbeing can build your confidence at work.

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Speaking at the Digital Leaders Week 2022

Shape Beyond CEO, Helen Ashton, covers why culture is the key to shaping success in digital transformations as a part of the Digital Leaders Week.

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Climate Anxiety is affecting young people’s approach to work-life.

Young people are more vocal than their elders when it comes to climate change. How does this affect their approach to work and what can the business world look like in the future?

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It’s time we talk more openly about the M-word

The menopause affects a large part of the workforce on a daily basis. Why then, is the business world not addressing and supporting those affected?

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