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Helen Ashton founded Shape Beyond after 25 years of transforming complex, high-growth organisations. She’s worked at Executive Board level and led private equity portfolio businesses to successful exit.

Shape Beyond’s deep knowledge of the retail industry is fuelled by Helen’s time as the CFO of ASOS and board member of JD Sports. We embrace digital transformation and agile, diverse cultures.

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Drive the continuous evolution of your business to stimulate growth.

Don’t let your company stagnate or wither away. We bring a holistic approach, hands-on experience and the right blend of skills to spur innovation.

Adapt at pace to stay ahead in the never normal world.

Only an agile organisation can navigate the ever evolving business world. We help you gain quick wins and inspire openness to beat the fear of change.

Nurture your people and culture to create positive change and lasting value.

Successful business transformation can only be sustainable if it’s embedded in your organisation’s culture. We will guide you to realise your business’ potential.

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