Introducing: Thinking Out Loud

Brought to you by Helen Ashton, CEO Shape Beyond

The business world is constantly evolving – new ideas, new technologies, new models continuously breaking the mould – so how do we keep pace with such rapid change and make informed decisions to keep business on track?

The Thinking Out Loud series is an opportunity for you to open up and share your experiences and predictions for how business might change for the better.

The series centres around topics that challenge the perceived wisdom of business transformations, company culture, the millennial generation, and the future of retail – we will also be airing those taboo subjects that all too often are ignored or swept under the carpet. Nothing is off the table.

We invite you to think out loud with us – what you say will be 100% anonymised – and for your time, we promise to publish our full findings first with you, helping you to guide your business better.

Think out loud with us. Join the conversation on Linkedin or Medium.


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